Elaphoglossum Schott ex J. Sm.

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the genus

Plants terrestrial, lithophytic or epiphytic. Rhizome creeping, rhizome scales brown or black, entire or fimbriate or dentate. Fronds simple, tufted or spaced, herbacous or coriaceous. stipe articulated at the base. Lamina dimorphic, entire or ciliate, glabrous or thinly to densely set with scales, veins free. Sporangia acrostichoid on the underside.


Derivation of name:  elaphos: stag, glossis: tongue; referring to the tongue-like shape of the leaves.

Worldwide: 600-800 species, pantropical and temperate distribution.



We have 28 taxa in the database for Elaphoglossum.

  • Elaphoglossum acrostichoides (Hook. & Grev.) Schelpe
  • Elaphoglossum angulatum (Blume) T.Moore
  • Elaphoglossum angustatum (Schrad.) Hieron.
  • Elaphoglossum aubertii (Desv.) T. Moore
  • Elaphoglossum barteri (Baker) C.Chr.
  • Elaphoglossum chevalieri Christ
  • Elaphoglossum cinnamomeum (Baker) Diels
  • Elaphoglossum conforme (Sw.) J.Sm.
  • Elaphoglossum coursii Tardieu
  • Elaphoglossum deckenii (Kuhn) C. Chr.
  • Elaphoglossum drakensbergense Schelpe
  • Elaphoglossum hybridum (Bory) Brack.
  • Elaphoglossum isabelense Brause
  • Elaphoglossum kivuense Schelpe
  • Elaphoglossum kuhnii Hieron.
  • Elaphoglossum lancifolium (Desv.) C.V. Morton
  • Elaphoglossum lastii (Baker) C. Chr.
  • Elaphoglossum macropodium (Fée) T. Moore
  • Elaphoglossum marojejyense Tardieu
  • Elaphoglossum mildbraedii Hieron.
  • Elaphoglossum rhodesianum Schelpe
  • Elaphoglossum rwandense Pic.Serm.
  • Elaphoglossum spathulatum (Bory) T.Moore var. uluguruense (Reimers) Schelpe
  • Elaphoglossum spathulatum (Bory) T. Moore var. spathulatum
  • Elaphoglossum subcinnamomeum (H.Christ) Hieron.
  • Elaphoglossum tanganjicense Pic.Serm.
  • Elaphoglossum welwitschii (Baker) C. Chr.
  • Elaphoglossum zambesiacum Schelpe


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