Elaphoglossum - Lomariopsidaceae

Elaphoglossum conforme (Sw.) J.Sm.






Acrostichum conforme Sw.
Elaphoglossum conforme Schott ex J.Sm. var. glandulosum Carmich. ex T.Moore

Common name


Rhizome long-creeping, 4–6 mm diameter; rhizome scales ovate- to linear-lanceolate in outline, yellow-brown to brown, dull to lustrous, 4 mm long, entire or irregularly toothed margin with occasional hair-like processes; phyllopodia 1 cm, blackish. Fronds spaced apart, coriaceous, dimorphic. Sterile fronds 15–32 cm long; stipe ± 1/2 the sterile frond length, straw coloured, 1 mm diameter, with lanceolate to ovate scattered scales, 1.5 mm, yellow-brown with processes; lamina elliptic in outline, 4–18 x 1.6–3.2 cm, apex rounded to pointed, base wedge-shaped to broadly so; veins ± 1 mm apart, at 70° angle to costa; hydathodes absent; costa scales scattered, nearly ovate with irregular processes, yellow-brown, lanceolate, ± 1 mm; laminar surfaces with scattered minute resinous dots or rarely minute peltate scales to glabrous on the undersurface, upper surface less so; young unrolling fronds sticky. Fertile fronds slightly shorter to slightly longer than the sterile; stipe 2/3 the fertile frond length; lamina lanceolate-oblong to elliptic in outline, 11–12 x 2.7 cm, apex pointed, base rounded; intersporangial scales absent.




Moist montane forest and Hagenia woodland.

Distribution worldwide

Africa, St. Helena.

Distribution in Africa

Congo, Dem. Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko), Kenya, Liberia, South Africa, Tanzania , Uganda.

Growth form



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