Lomariopsis Fée


Description of the genus

Climbing ferns. Rhizome long, winding, branched, fleshy; rhizome scales narrow to very broad, dark. Stipe not articulated. Fronds dimorphous, with articulated pinnae, except for the terminal one. Sterila pinnae oblong to narrowly lanceolate, fertile pinnae narrowly linear and underside covered entirely with sporangia. Rhachises glabrous or scaly. Veins simple or forked, parallel, free, ending in or near the margin.


Derivation of name:  Lomariopsis: similar to Lomaria (now Blechnum); reference to the position of the sori parallel to the pinna margin.

Worldwide: c. 45 species, pantropical distribution



We have 9 taxa in the database for Lomariopsis.

  • Lomariopsis congoensis Holttum
  • Lomariopsis decrescens (Baker) Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis guineensis (Underw.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis hederacea Alston
  • Lomariopsis mannii (Underw.) Alston
  • Lomariopsis muriculata Holttum
  • Lomariopsis palustris (Hook.) Mett. ex Kuhn
  • Lomariopsis rossii Holttum
  • Lomariopsis warneckei (Hieron.) Alston


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