Lomariopsis - Lomariopsidaceae

Lomariopsis decrescens (Baker) Kuhn






Acrostichum decrescens Baker
Stenochlaena decrescens (Bak.) Underwood
Acrostichum polyphyllum Hook.
Lomariopsis polyphylla (Hook.) Kuhn

Common name


Rhizome thick, scaly. Stipe 8-10 cm, loosely scaly. Sterile fronds imparipinnate, 50 x 10-15 cm, c. 40 pairs of lateral pinnae, lower pinnae reduced, forming an auricle, middle pinnae oblong in outline, c. 10 cm long, base truncate, tapering ends, margins obscurely toothed, texture coriaceous, rhachis winged at the top, loosely scaly. Fertile fronds same size as sterile fronds, rhachis scaly, middle pinnae with short petiole, base wedge-shaped.



decrescens: decreasing, referring to lower pinnae that reduce in size.



Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko).

Growth form



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