Lomariopsis - Lomariopsidaceae

Lomariopsis mannii (Underw.) Alston






Stenochlaena mannii Underwood

Common name


Rhizome thick, diameter 1.5 cm or more; rhizome scales dark brown. Sterile stipe 20-30 cm, scales same as rhizome. Sterile lamina c. 19 pairs of pinnae, pinnae 15-17 x 2 cm, base rounded-truncated, apex gradually narrowed to a sharp end, margins wavy. Rhachis edged at the top, loosely covered with scales. Fertile pinnae slightly reduced at the base, longest pinnae c. 15 x 0.5-0.7 cm, base rounded.



mannii: type specimen collected by G. Mann, German botanist & plant collector.


Rocks and trees in forest.

Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko), Nigeria.

Growth form

Epiphytic, lithophytic.


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