Christella H. Lév.

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the genus

Plants terrestrial. Rhizome erect or short-creeping. Fronds monomorphic, not proliferous, 2-pinnatifid. Lamina without scales, basal pinnae reduced. Veins free, one pair of veins meeting at the base of the sinus or a few pairs of veins meeting below the sinus between the pinna lobes. Sori circular, indusiate.


Derivation of name:  christella: named after Konrad Christ, a Swiss pteridologist.

Worldwide: c. 110 species, occuring throughout the tropical and temperate parts of the world.



We have 13 taxa in the database for Christella.

  • Christella altissima Holttum
  • Christella buchananii (Schelpe) J.P. Roux
  • Christella burundensis Pic.Serm.
  • Christella callensii (Alston) Holttum
  • Christella chaseana (Schelpe) Holttum
  • Christella dentata (Forssk.) Brownsey & Jermy
  • Christella friesii (Brause) Holttum
  • Christella gueinziana (Mett.) Holttum
  • Christella guineensis (H.Christ) Holttum
  • Christella hispidula (Decne.) Holttum
  • Christella microbasis (Baker) Holttum
  • Christella parasitica (L.) Lév.
  • Christella pseudogueinziana (Bonap.) J.P.Roux


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