Christella - Thelypteridaceae

Christella guineensis (H.Christ) Holttum






Dryopteris guineensis H.Christ
Thelypteris guineensis (H.Christ) Alston

Common name


Rhizome short-creeping or ± erect. Fronds monomorphic, densely tufted. Stipe 25–56 cm long, glabrous or with minute capitate hairs. Lamina deeply 2-pinnatifid, narrowly oblong in outline, with 1–4 pairs of very reduced pinnae, 30–45 x 15–20 cm; pinnae narrowly oblong in outline, apex tapering to a point, up to 12 x 1.5 cm; lobes narrowly oblong to lanceolate in outline, straight or somewhat falcate, apex rounded to pointed, 6–10 x 1.5–2.2 mm, with dense small yellowish glands beneath; veins not anastomosing; sinus membranes thickened. Sori with small indusia with very few to many small yellowish glands.



guineensis: from Guinea, where this fern was first discovered.


River banks.

Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Angola, Cameroon, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda.

Growth form



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