Selaginella P. Beauv.

Photo: MA. Hyde


Description of the genus

Description as for the family (only genus in the family)


Derivation of name:  selaginella: a small Selago, LinnĂ© gave this name to an angiosperm genus with similarly whorled leaves

Worldwide: Worldwide distribution with about 700 species, most of them in the tropics.



We have 52 taxa in the database for Selaginella.

  • Selaginella auquieri Bizarri
  • Selaginella balansae (A.Braun) Hieron
  • Selaginella biformis Kuhn
  • Selaginella blepharophylla Alston
  • Selaginella buchholzii Hieron.
  • Selaginella caffrorum (Milde) Hieron. var. caffrorum
  • Selaginella caffrorum (Milde) Hieron. var. aethiopica Bizarri
  • Selaginella cathedrifolia Spring
  • Selaginella chevalieri Hieron. ex Bonap.
  • Selaginella congoensis Alston
  • Selaginella culverwellii N.R.Crouch
  • Selaginella denticulata (L.) Spring
  • Selaginella dregei (C. Presl) Hieron.
  • Selaginella eublepharis A. Braun apud Hieron.
  • Selaginella goudotiana Spring var. abyssinica (Spring) Bizarri
  • Selaginella grallipes Alston
  • Selaginella imbricata (Forssk.) Spring ex Decne.
  • Selaginella involvens (Sw.) Spring
  • Selaginella kalbreyeri Baker
  • Selaginella kivuensis Bizarri
  • Selaginella kraussiana (Kunze) A. Braun
  • Selaginella leoneensis Hieron.
  • Selaginella lewalleana Bizarri
  • Selaginella mittenii Baker
  • Selaginella molleri Hieron.
  • Selaginella molliceps Spring
  • Selaginella myosurus (Sw.) Alston
  • Selaginella nivea Alston ssp. nivea
  • Selaginella njam-njamensis Hieron.
  • Selaginella nubigena J.P.Roux
  • Selaginella pallescens (C.Presl.) Spring
  • Selaginella perpusilla Baker
  • Selaginella phillipsiana (Hieron.) Alston
  • Selaginella plana (Poir.) Hieron.
  • Selaginella protensa Alston
  • Selaginella pygmaea (Kaulf.) Alston
  • Selaginella raynaliana Tardieu
  • Selaginella serrato-squarrosa Quansah
  • Selaginella shabaensis Bizzari
  • Selaginella soyauxii Hieron.
  • Selaginella squarrosa Baker
  • Selaginella subcordata A.Braun ex Kuhn
  • Selaginella subisophylla Jermy
  • Selaginella tenerrima A. Braun ex Kuhn
  • Selaginella thomensis Alston
  • Selaginella umbrosa Lem. ex Hieron.
  • Selaginella vanderystii Bizzari
  • Selaginella versicolor Spring
  • Selaginella vogelii Spring
  • Selaginella volubilis Alston
  • Selaginella yemensis (Sw.) Spring ex Decne
  • Selaginella zechii Hieron.


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