Sinopteridaceae - Cliff brakes and lip ferns

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the family

Plants terrestrial or lithophytic. Rhizome mostly erect or suberect, rarely creeping. Fronds numerous, mostly monomorphic, simple to 5-pinnate. Sori marginal or linear along veins, exindusiate or covered by a modified marginal indusium; homosporous.

Comment: Sometimes included as a subfamily in the Pteridaceae

Worldwide: 20 genera, ± 400 species worldwide



  • Aleuritopteris Fée
  • Cheilanthes Sw.
  • Cosentinia Tod.
  • Doryopteris J.Sm.
  • Paraceterach (F.Müell.) Copel.
  • Pellaea Link


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