Aleuritopteris Fée

Photo: BT. Wursten


Description of the genus

Rhizome short and erect or long and creeping. Fronds monomorphic, pinnately compound, pinnae basiscopically developed, with pinnae or ultimate segments never articulated and with a coloured (whitish, pale- or orange-yellow) powdery indumentum on the underside. Sori borne on vein endings near the margins, usually covered by a continuous indusium formed from the reflexed margin.


Worldwide: c.15 species, predominantly in northern temperate regions, with a few in tropical and S Africa



We have 2 taxa in the database for Aleuritopteris.

  • Aleuritopteris farinosa (Forssk) Fée
  • Aleuritopteris welwitschii (Baker) Ching


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