Enterosora Baker


Description of the genus

Rhizome short-creeping; rhizome scales brown, non-clathrate, may be glandular or ciliate. Stipes in two rows, joined to rhizome, or in whorls of 3, not joined to rhizome. Fronds simple to broadly lobed to 4/5 of the way to the mid-vein, with hairs, veins pinnately branched or 1-3 forked, sometimes anastomosing. Sori more or less sunken in surface of lamina in broad shallow depressions, circular to broadly elliptic in outline.


Worldwide: c. 10 species, tropical montane areas of New world and Africa including Madagascar.



We have 2 taxa in the database for Enterosora.

  • Enterosora barbatula (Baker) Parris
  • Enterosora sprucei (Hook.) Parris