Antrophyum Kaulf. - Lineleaf ferns

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the genus

Rhizome short creeping usually embedded in a mass of hairy roots, rhizome scales lanceolate. Fronds closely spaced, with or without a stalk. Lamina simple, linear to round, without a differentiated midrib; veins repeatedly forked and anastomosing to form large elongate areoles without included veinlets. Sori superficial or in grooves, elongate along the veins, often forming a reticulate pattern, without an indusium but with paraphyses.


Comment: Athrophyum was included in the Vittariaceae, now part of the Adiantaceae

Worldwide: Pantropical


Key to the species of Antrophyum: PDF


We have 4 taxa in the database for Antrophyum.

  • Antrophyum annetii (jeanp.)Tardieu
  • Antrophyum boryanum (Willd.) Spreng. var. obtusum (Willd.) C.Chr.
  • Antrophyum immersum (Bory ex Willd.) Hook. & Baker
  • Antrophyum mannianum Hook.