Antrophyum - Adiantaceae

Antrophyum annetii (jeanp.)Tardieu






Antrophyum subsessile Kunze var. annetii Jeanp.

Common name


Rhizome short; rhizome scales deltoid-lanceolate in outline, apex tapering. Fronds tufted, simple, coriaceous. Lamina simple, sessile, 18-22 × 2.5-3 cm, lanceolate-ovate in outline, apex gradually tapering, base slightly tapering and winged towards the petiole, margins entire and rolled downward to underside of leaf, midvein raised, apparent till the apex of the lamina, lateral veins forming 5-6 rows of elongated areoles. Sori superficial.


A. annetii has a raised midrib, a sessile lamina that is ovate-lanceolate in outline.


annetii: named after Emile Annet, who collected this plant in 1918 in Cameroon


Distribution worldwide

Distribution in Africa


Growth form



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