Sticherus C. Presl.


Description of the genus

Fronds branching repeatedly into two as a result of the abortion of the terminal buds, without a pair of stipule-like pinnae at the primary branching of the fronds. Ultimate segments borne on all lamina axes; veins forked once. Branches of lamina with dormant apices of the highest order pinnatifid. Sori with solitary or sometimes 2 or 3 sporangia.


Derivation of name:  stichos: a row of things; pinnules are placed in ordered rows.

Worldwide: c. 80 species, pantropical, poorly represented in Africa



We have 3 taxa in the database for Sticherus.

  • Sticherus flagellaris (Bory ex Willd.) Ching ssp. tomentosus (Reimers) Verdc.
  • Sticherus inflexus Pic.Serm.
  • Sticherus umbraculiferus (Kunze) Ching


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