Sticherus - Gleicheniaceae

Sticherus flagellaris (Bory ex Willd.) Ching ssp. tomentosus (Reimers) Verdc.






Mertensia flagellaris Willd.
Gleichenia flagellaris (Willd.) Spreng.

Common name


Rhizomes widely creeping; rhizome scales brown, linear in outline. Fronds climbing, to 1.2 m long, branched, spaced. Stipe reddish straw-coloured, with ferruginous woolly hairs, with a few linear scales at the base. Ultimate lamina segments linear in outline, 0.5–1.8 cm long, 2 mm wide, obtuse, entire with rolled margins, glaucous with ferruginous hairs beneath or ± glabrous. Rhachis with ferruginous woolly hairs.




Exposed ridges and on forest floor.

Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Dem. Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania .

Growth form

Lithophytic, terrestrial.


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