Dicksoniacaea - Tree ferns


Description of the family

Tree-like terrestrial plants with a trunk. Stem (trunk) large, creeping to erect, unbranched, often bearing adventitious roots and/or petiole bases. Fronds usually large, 2-pinnate or more dissected , borne at the apex of the trunk, tufted, monomorphic to dimorphic. Venation free, ending in the margin in sterile segments. Indumentum composed of simple hairs occuring on the rhizome and frond axes. Sori single, submarginal on the veins ending; with inner indusium and hardly to strongly modified lobe of the leaf segment (outer indusium); homosporus.

Comment: Sometimes included in Cyatheaceae.

Worldwide: 3 genera, c. 30 species worldwide



  • Dicksonia L' Hér.