Grammitis - Polypodiaceae

Grammitis cryptophlebia (Baker) Copel.






Polypodium cryptophlebium Baker
Polypodium rutenbergii Luerssen
Polypodium molleri Baker
Grammitis molleri (Baker) Schelpe

Common name


Rhizomes short-creeping to ascending, not branched; rhizome scales narrowly lanceolate to linear-lanceolate in outline, pale to medium red-brown, glabrous, up to 1.6 mm long. Fronds tufted, erect, practically without stipe. Stipes winged to base or 1–3 mm long, glabrous or with translucent to pale red-brown hairs. Lamina narrowly oblanceolate to linear-oblanceolate in outline, 1.2–9 x 0.2–0.5 cm, apex bluntly pointed to rounded, long-tapering at base, margin entire to irregular, slightly inrolled, with translucent to pale red-brown hairs; venation obscure, lateral veins 1-forked, free, branch endings without hydathodes on adaxial surface of lamina. Sori up to 2 mm long, elliptic, up to 16 pairs, placed in two lines on either side of the midrib, in apical 1/8 to 3/4 of lamina, 1– 4 in each row; exindusiate.


From F.T.E.A., Paris (2005): "The descriptions and illustrations of G. nanodes in Schelpe (1970), Jacobsen (1983) and Burrows (1990) are referable to G. cryptophlebia". The name G. nanodes (Peter) Ching is put as a synonym under G. pygmaea (Kuhn) Copel.



Moist montane forest.

Distribution worldwide

Africa, Madagascar.

Distribution in Africa

Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania , Zimbabwe.

Growth form



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