Hymenophyllum - Hymenophyllaceae

Hymenophyllum aeruginosum (Poir.) Carmich.

Photo: JE. Burrows
South Africa






Trichomanes aeruginosum Poir.
Sphaerocionium aeruginosum (Poir.) Pic.Serm.
Hymenophyllum marlothii Brause

Common name


Rhizome widely creeping, filiform, branched, lightly set in rust-coloured, simple hairs. Stipe 0.5-4 cm long, not winged, sparsely set with brown, stalked, stellate hairs. Lamina narrowly ovate to deltate in outline, 2-7 x 2.2-3.5 cm, 2-pinnate to 4-pinnatifid, basal pair of pinnae usually the largest. Pinnae somewhat ascending and basiscopically developed; ultimate lobes linear in outline, apex rounded, margin and veins covered with stalked, stellate hairs. Rhachis winged except for a section between the 2 basal pairs of pinnae. Sori rarely produced, borne at the tip of each lobe in the distal region of the frond, soral valves pilose.



aeruginosus: coloured a deep green with a mixture of blue; referring to the particular


Under deeply shaded rock overhangs, usually in forest next to stream, waterfall or drip line.

Distribution worldwide

Amsterdam Isl., Gough Isl., Inaccessible Isl., Nightingale Isl., Tristan da Cunha, South Africa.

Distribution in Africa

South Africa.

Growth form

Epiphytic, lithophytic.


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