Cheilanthes - Sinopteridaceae

Cheilanthes deltoidea Kunze ssp. deltoidea






Pellaea deltoidea (Kunze) Baker
Allosorus deltoideus (Kunze) Kuntze
Doryopteris deltoidea (Kunze) Diels
Doryopteris deltoidea (Kunze) Diels var. laxa Sim

Common name


Rhizome shortly creeping to suberect; rhizome scales narrowly lanceolate in outline, apex gradually tapering to a point, margin entire, up to 4 mm long, chestnut coloured. Frond monomorphic, closely spaced, erect. Stipe 1.7-7.5 cm long, dark brown, glabrous. Lamina 2- to deeply 3-pinnatifid with the basal pinnae basiscopically developed, triangular in outline, 1.8-10 x 1.6-11 cm; ultimate segments broadly spathulate to ovate-oblong in outline, apex rounded, margins irregular, entire, glabrous on both surfaces; veins free, obscure; rhachis narrowly winged. Sori set along the distal margin of the ultimate lobes; indusium continuous, minutely erose.



deltoidea: the outline of the lamina is triangular.


Rock crevices, beneath boulders and among stones on rocky hillsides in sheltered situations; usually associated with granite, often near briefly seasonal streams.

Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Namibia, South Africa.

Growth form



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