Nephrolepis - Nephrolepidaceae

Nephrolepis cordifolia (L.)C.Presl. var. pumicicola (F.Ballard) Hovenkamp & Miyam.






Nephrolepis pumicicola Ballard

Common name


Rhizome erect, up to 10 cm long. Fronds reaching 1-2 m, coriaceous. Stipe up to 35 cm long, straw coloured, with narrow, straw coloured scales. Lamina up to 85 × 3-3.5 cm, linear in outline, pinnate, pinnae gradually reduced towards base and apex; pinnae up to 100 paires, sessile, closely spaced, lanceolate-oblong or oblong in outline, up to 1.5 x 0.6 cm, glabrous or very loosely scaly below, margins crenelated. Sori midway between the vein and the margin; indusia facing the top, rounded or kidney-shaped.




On volcanic lava.

Distribution worldwide

Africa, Gulf of Guinea Is.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko).

Growth form



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