Huperzia - Lycopodiaceae

Huperzia warneckei (Herter ex Nessel) Pic.Serm.






Lycopodium warneckei (Herter ex Nessel) Alston
Urostachys warneckei Herter ex Nessel

Common name


Stem pendant, about 50 cm long, dichotomously branched. Leaves spaced, appressed with a slightly enrolled margin, 17 x 3 mm, lanceolate in outline, base rounded, subsessile, light green, costa slightly apparent above. Strobili at the apex, dichotomously branched. Sporophylles ovate, apex slightly tapering to a point, shorter than the sporangia, 1.5 x 1 mm, coriaceous, without visible costa; sporangia pale yellow.



warneckei: for Otto Warnecke (1872/1873-?), German plant collector, gardener in Togo.


Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania .

Growth form



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