Lindsaea - Lindsaeaceae

Lindsaea madagascariensis Baker






Schizoloma madagascariense (Baker) Kuhn
Sphenomeris madagascariensis (Baker) Tardieu

Common name


Rhizome sparsely branched, 1–1.5 mm in diameter; rhizome scales pale brown, needle-like, up to 1 mm long, soon ± wearing off. Stipe 10–20 cm long. Lamina triangular in outline, 7–15 cm long, 5–15 cm wide, usually 2–3-pinnate. Pinnae in 2–6 pairs, lanceolate in outline, 4–9 x 1-3 cm , subobtuse or slightly acuminate with stalks 1–3 mm long; secondary pinnae in 5–7 pairs; ultimate pinnules cuneate, 4-13 mm long, 3-7 mm wide. Sori on 1–4 vein ends, interrupted by marginal incisions; indusium subentire to erose, 0.3–0.6 mm wide, not reaching margin.



madagascariensis: from Madagascar, where this fern was first discovered.


Primary forest, over 1500 m.

Distribution worldwide

Tanzania, Madagascar.

Distribution in Africa

Tanzania .

Growth form



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