Abrodictyum - Hymenophyllaceae

Abrodictyum guineense (Afzel. ex Sw.) J.P.Roux






Trichomanes hartii Baker
Trichomanes latisectum H.Christ
Trichomanes batrachoglossum Copel.
Trichomanes guineense Afzel. ex Sw.

Common name


Rhizome slender, short, suberect. Fronds monomorphic, tufted, firm. Stipes 3-7.5 cm long, winged in the upper part, naked except for a few fibrillose paleae towards the base. Lamina tripinnatifid, deltoid, 7.5-15 cm long, dark green, glabrous, except for a few paleae on the midrib on both surfaces; pinnae c. 10 pairs, 8-12 jugate, lanceolate, except the lowest largest pair deltoid, crowded, sessile; ultimate segments oblong, rounded, entire or slightly toothed; rhachis distinctly winged down to the base; veins stout, distinct, usually forked; intermediate faint veinlets none. Sori usually only one in each secondary segment, except on the lowest pair of pinnae, involucre narrowly funnel shaped, truncate or obscurely toothed at the throat, receptacle sometimes 3 times as long as the involucre.



guineense: from Guinee


In damp shade on banks, at low elevations.

Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Congo, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko), Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone.

Growth form



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