Pteridium - Dennstaedtiaceae

Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn ssp. aquilinum






Pteris aquilina L.
Eupteris aquilina (L.) Newman
Asplenium aquilinum (L.) Bernh.
Allosorus aquilinus (L.) C.Presl.

Common name


Rhizome with articulated hairs, carrying each year a single leaf at its extremities. Frond 0,40-2,50 m long. stipe black, hairy at base, as long as lamina. Lamina 2-3 pinnate, oval-triangular in outline.



aquilinum: of an eagle; either because the spreading pinnae resemble the wings of an aegle or a reference to the shape of the vascular bundle in the stipe.



Distribution worldwide

Distribution in Africa

Algeria, Morocco and Western Sahara, Tunesia.

Growth form



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