Cyathea - Cyatheaceae

Cyathea camerooniana Hook. var. zenkeri (Hieron. ex Diels) Tardieu






Alsophila camerooniana (Hook.) R.M.Tryon var. zenkeri (Hieron. ex Diels) J.P.Roux
Alsophila zenkeri Hieron. ex Diels
Cyathea aethiopica (Welw. ex Hook.) Domin var. zenkeri (Hieron. ex Diels) Tardieu
Alsophila batesii Baker
Cyathea batesii (Baker) Domin

Common name


Stipe atrocastaneous; pinna-lobes a little constricted above their bases and widened distally, their margins strongly toothed distally; lower surface of costae bearing a variable number of thick hairs and also some narrow scales 1 mm or more long which have several dark setae, grading to thick hairs which have a dark terminal cell, also very small scales with several dark setae; indusia disc-shaped to broadly cup-shaped.



camerooniana: from Cameroon, where this fern was first found, zenkeri: named after Georg August Zenker (1855-1922), German explorer, botanist and plant collector.


Distribution worldwide

See African distribution.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Dem. Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko), Gabon, Ivory Coast.

Growth form



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