Asplenium - Aspleniaceae

Asplenium viride Huds.






Asplenium trichomanes-ramosum L.

Common name

Green spleenwort.


Rhizome erect, short, branching;rhizome scales clathrate, dark brown to black, to 4 mm long. Fronds 18 x 1.2 cm, evergreen, somewhat dimorphic, fertile fronds stiff, erect, sterile prostrate, only to 10 cm, blade/stipe ratio: 1:1 to 6:1. Stipe reddish brown at base, green distally, lustrous, dark reddish brown to black, narrowly triangular scales grading into glandular hairs. Lamina pinnate, linear, widest above the middle, tapering to either end, thin, pale green, hairless or with sparse minute hairs. Pinnae 6 to 21 pair, rhombic or ovate in outline, apex rounded to acute, sometimes toothed, subopposite, costae indistinct, margins lobed or entire, veins free, forked. Sori linear, 1.5 mm, 1-2 pairs per pinna, paired across the midrib; indusium white or translucent, thin, entire, often deciduous, on one side of the sorus.



virde: green.


Limestone crevices.

Distribution worldwide

Circumpolar, but extending far south to Mexico, North Africa, Formosa.

Distribution in Africa

Morocco and Western Sahara.

Growth form



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