Asplenium - Aspleniaceae

Asplenium stoloniferum Bory

Photo: JE. Burrows
South Africa






Asplenium kraussii T. Moore ex Hook.
Asplenium delislei Baker

Common name


Rhizome erect, small, c. 5 mm diameter. Fronds tufted, arching, dimorphic, with slender normal fronds and pinnaless gemmiferous fronds. Stipe 1-7 cm long, slender, thread-like, glabrous. Normal lamina membranous, pinnate, 4-10 × ± 1 cm. Pinnae widely spaced, unequally obtriangular or cuneiform in outline, basal margin entire, distal margins serrate to crenate, base broadly cuneate, both surfaces glabrous. Proliferating fronds without pinnae, elongate, filiform, arching and horizontal for most of their lenght and bearing plantlets at the tip. Rhachis straw-coloured, glabrous. Sori elongate, 1-3 mm long, set along the veins; indusium opening inwards.



stoloniferum: having stolons or root forming runners, this character is distinctive for this fern.


Among boulders and on leaf litter on deeply shaded forest floors; sometimes in deep recesses provided by rock overhangs in high altitude grasslands.

Distribution worldwide

Africa, Réunion.

Distribution in Africa

Lesotho, South Africa.

Growth form

Epiphytic, lithophytic, terrestrial.


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