Asplenium - Aspleniaceae

Asplenium biafranum Alston & F. Ballard ex F. Ballard






Common name


Rhizome creeping; rhizome scales brown, lanceolate in outline, margin entire. Fronds closely spaced, pinnate, up to 80 cm long. Stipe up to 30 cm long, base with scales. Lamina lanceolate in outline, with 14 pairs of pinnae. Pinnae 10-15 x 2-3 cm, lanceolate in outline, set at an angle of 80° to the rhachis, with a short petiolule, margin finely toothed, lower surface with a few fine scales. Sori angled, lenght reaching up to half the with of the lamina.




In forest.

Distribution worldwide

Africa, Sao Tomé.

Distribution in Africa

Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko).

Growth form



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