Woodsia - Woodsiaceae

Woodsia burgessiana Gerr. ex Hook & Baker






Woodsia montividensis (Spreng.) Hieron var. var. burgessiana (Gerr. ex Hook. & Baker) Schelpe

Common name


The occurence of this species in Zimbabwe is based on herbarium specimens at SRGH under this name (Mapaura & Timberlake, 2004; Roux 2009). However other literature (Crouch et all., 2011; Burrows, 1990; Jacobsen, 1983) do not mention Zimbabwe as part of the distribution area. Herbarium specimens need to be checked and confirmed.




Distribution worldwide

Lesotho, Madagascar, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Distribution in Africa

Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe.

Growth form

Lithophytic, terrestrial.


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