Microgramma - Polypodiaceae

Microgramma mauritiana (Willd.) Tardieu

Photo: BT. Wursten
Dem. Republic of Congo

Photo: BT. Wursten

Photo: BT. Wursten
Dem. Republic of Congo

Photo: BT. Wursten
Dem. Republic of Congo

Photo: BT. Wursten
Dem. Republic of Congo

Photo: BT. Wursten
Dem. Republic of Congo






Microgramma lycopodioides (L.) Copel.
Polypodium mauritianum Willd.
Polypodium owariense Desv.
Polypodium mackenii Baker
Polypodium lycopodioides L. var. mackenii (Baker) Sim
Microgramma owariensis (Desv.) Alston

Common name


Rhizome widely creeping, 3-8 mm in diameter, densely coated with pale grey to creamy brown scales; scales lanceolate, up to 7 mm long, margins entire. Fronds spaced 3-35 mm apart, sometimes slightly dimorphic with the fertile fronds longer and narrower than the sterile ones, glabrous, herbaceous to coriaceous. Stipe up to 2.2 cm long, glabrous. Lamina narrowly oblong to elliptic, margins entire, apex acute, tapering gradually towards the base and slightly decurrent on to the stipe, midrib apparent on both surfaces. Sori in a single row on each side of the midrib, extending from the apex to the base of the frond, round, 2-2.5 mm in diameter, without paraphyses, exindusiate.



mauritiana: from Mauritius, where the type specimen of this species was collected.


Epiphyte or lithophyte in coastal forest, low-altitude semi-deciduous forest or riverine forest.

Distribution worldwide

Tropical America, on the islands of Bioko, Sao Tomé, Principe and Annobon, Africa.

Distribution in Africa

Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Dem. Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea (incl. Bioko), Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania , Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Growth form

Epiphytic, lithophytic.


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