Microlepia - Dennstaedtiaceae

Microlepia strigosa (Thunb. ex Murray) C. Presl






Microlepia setosa (Sm.) Alston
Trichomanes strigosum Thunb.

Common name


Plant 30-80 cm, fronds erect or arching, lacy in appearance; fronds form symmetrical rosettes with old fronds flat on the ground and new fronds forming a narrow circle of leaves. Lamina 2-3 pinnate, glossy, dark green, slightly hairy. Veins on the abaxial surface of the pinnules distinctly raised.


Introduced into Zimbabwe.


strigosa: strigose or with stiff appressed hairs, referring to the leaf surface.


Terrestrial in semi-protected situations.

Distribution worldwide

Native to SE Asia and Hawaii.

Distribution in Africa


Growth form



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