Blechnum L.


Description of the genus

Rhizome with brown scales; lamina 1-pinnatifid or 1-pinnate. Fronds strongly dimorphic with fertile and sterile fronds; the fertile overtopping the sterile. Veins free in sterile fronds. Sori extending ± the full length of the fertile pinnae, linear; indusium linear.


Derivation of name:  blechnon: a fern

Worldwide: 150 - 200 species, worldwide, but concentrated in the southern hemisphere


Key to the species of Blechnum: PDF


We have 11 taxa in the database for Blechnum.

  • Blechnum attenuatum (Sw.) Mett.
  • Blechnum australe L. ssp. australe
  • Blechnum capense Burm. f.
  • Blechnum inflexum (Kunze) Kuhn
  • Blechnum ivohibense C. Chr.
  • Blechnum punctulatum Sw. var. krebsii (Kunze) Sim.
  • Blechnum punctulatum Sw. var. punctulatum
  • Blechnum punctulatum Sw. var. atherstonei (Pappe & Rawson) Sim
  • Blechnum punctulatum Sw. var. intermedium Sim.
  • Blechnum spicant (L.) Roth
  • Blechnum tabulare (Thunb.) Kuhn


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