Nothoperanema (Tagawa) Ching


Description of the genus

Plants terrestrial or lithophytic. Rhizome suberect to erect with broadly attached scales. Fronds monomorphic, 3-pinnate, with basiscopically developed pinnae, veins free. Lamina hairs/scales multistratose (with multiple layers) at the base. Sori round, indusia kidney shaped.


Derivation of name:  notho: false, peranema: referring to the fern genus Peranema; thus a false Peranema

Comment: Nothorperanema was previously included in Dryopteris.

Worldwide: c. 5 species, subtropical distribution.



We have 1 taxa in the database for Nothoperanema.

  • Nothoperanema squamiseta (Hook.) Ching


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