Isoetes L. - Quillworts

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the genus

The characteristics of the stem, leaves and fertile portions are as for the family.


Derivation of name:  isos: equal, etos: year; some of the submerged species in europe preserve the same outer appearance throughout the year.

Worldwide: c. 150 species, cosmopolitan apart from the Pacific Islands



We have 29 taxa in the database for Isoetes.

  • Isoetes abyssinica Chiov.
  • Isoetes aequinoctialis Welw. ex A. Braun
  • Isoetes alstonii C.F.Reed & Verdc.
  • Isoetes biafrana Alston
  • Isoetes capensis A.V. Duthie
  • Isoetes durieui Bory
  • Isoetes eludens J.P. Roux
  • Isoetes giessii Launert
  • Isoetes hallei Eb. Fisch. & Lobin
  • Isoetes histrix Durieu ex Bory
  • Isoetes jaegeri Pitot
  • Isoetes labri-draconis N.R. Crouch
  • Isoetes melanotheca Alston
  • Isoetes nigritiana A. Braun
  • Isoetes nigroreticulata Verdc.
  • Isoetes pichisermollii Eb.Fisch. & Lobin
  • Isoetes pitotii Alston
  • Isoetes rwandensis Eb. Fisch. & Lobin
  • Isoetes schweinfurthii A. Braun ex Baker
  • Isoetes spinulospora Jermy & Schelpe
  • Isoetes stellenbossiensis A.V. Duthie
  • Isoetes stephanseniae A.V. Duthie
  • Isoetes subinermis (Durieu) Cesca & Peruzzi
  • Isoetes tenuifolia Jermy
  • Isoetes toximontana L.J. Musselman & J.P. Roux
  • Isoetes transvaalensis Jermy & Schelpe
  • Isoetes velata A. Braun
  • Isoetes welwitschii A. Braun
  • Isoetes wormaldii Sim


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