Lellingeria A.R. Sm. & R.C. Moran

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the genus

Plants epiphytic or lithophytic, small. Rhizome short creeping with narrow, sessile scales. Lamina pinnatifid, with hairs on the lower side of the leaf surface; veins free, ending in a conspicuous oblong hydathode near the margin. Sori circular or elliptic, one on each lobe.


Worldwide: Approximately 60 species, primarily neotropical.



We have 5 taxa in the database for Lellingeria.

  • Lellingeria aethiopica (Pic.Serm.) A.R.Sm & R.C.Moran
  • Lellingeria oosora (Baker) A.R. Sm. & R.C. Moran
  • Lellingeria paucipinnata Parris
  • Lellingeria rupestris Parris
  • Lellingeria stangeana (Pic.Serm.) A.R.Sm. & R.C.Moran


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