Cystopteris Bernh.


Description of the genus

Rhizome short suberect to long-creeping; rhizome scales entire, membranous. Fronds tufted or spaced. Stipe grooved. Lamina rather thin to thinly coriaceous, 1–3-pinnate and pinnatifid; rachis glabrous or scaly, grooved; veins free. Sori round, at first covered by ovate to oblong, lanceolate or cup-shaped inflated bladder-like indusia attached below the sori.


Derivation of name:  kustos: bladder, pteris: fern; referring to the bladder-like base of the indusia

Worldwide: c. 12 species, temperate and tropical alpine distribution



We have 4 taxa in the database for Cystopteris.

  • Cystopteris dickieana R.Sim
  • Cystopteris fragilis (L.)Bernh. ssp. fragilis
  • Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. ssp. A sensu Verdc.
  • Cystopteris fragilis (L.) Bernh. ssp. B sensu Verdc.