Sphaerostephanos J. Sm. ex Hook.


Description of the genus

Rhizome predominantly erect or short-creeping but in a few species long-creeping or scandent with usually thin narrow scales with acicular hairs. Lamina pinnate, basal pinnae usually abruptly or gradually reduced; pinnae mostly lobed or crenate, rarely subentire; veins anastomosing or less often just meeting at the sinus or ending above it; sessile spherical yellow glands usually present on parts of the pinnae or on indusia but sometimes quite lacking; costae and costules with acicular hairs. Sori usually indusiate.


Worldwide: over c.150 species, Africa, Malesia, mainland tropical Asia, Australia and Pacific to Tahiti, Mascarene Is., Madagascar and São Tomé.



We have 2 taxa in the database for Sphaerostephanos.

  • Sphaerostephanos arbuscula (Willd.) Holttum ssp. africanus Holttum
  • Sphaerostephanos unitus (L.) Holttum var. unitus Holttum