Pseudophegopteris Ching


Description of the genus

Rhizome erect or suberect in African species; rhizome scales thin with short hairs. Stipe and rachis glossy. Lamina bipinnate, mostly ± deeply lobed; veins usually forked, not reaching margin, thickened at the tips. Costule and rachis few Scales on lower surface at maturity of frond, those on distal axes reduced to a single row of short cells with reddish cross-walls; hairs unicellular, acicular or capitate or both. Indusium absent; sori round, ± elliptic or rarely elongate.


Worldwide: c. 20 species, St. Helena, São Tomé and Bioko, E to W Tropical Africa, Madagascar, Mascarene Is, mainland Asia, Malesia, Samoa and Hawaii.



We have 1 taxa in the database for Pseudophegopteris .

  • Pseudophegopteris cruciata (Willd.) Holttum