Menisorus Alston


Description of the genus

Rhizome short, erect; rhizome scales few, brown, ovate in outline. Fronds tufted. Lamina simply pinnate with basal pinnae not reduced. Pinnae ± 10–17, alternate or ± opposite, narrowly lanceolate in outline, margin toothed or shallowly lobed, hairless; apical pinna simple, with gemma at base. Lateral nerves reaching tips of teeth; tertiary veins in 2–3 pairs, anastomosing. Sori in ± 1–2 lines ± parallel to costa, without indusia.


Worldwide: Tropical africa



We have 1 taxa in the database for Menisorus.

  • Menisorus pauciflorus (Hook.) Alston


  • Verdcourt, B (2006) Thelypteridaceae.Flora of Tropical East Africa, .