Ceradenia L.E. Bishop


Description of the genus

Rhizome short-creeping; rhizome scales brown, non-clathrate, usually glandular at least on margin. Stipes in two rows, joined to rhizome, part of stipe below joint remains attached to the rhizome after the frond has detached. Fronds pinnately divided to pinnate, with hairs, veins pinnately branched in pinna, branchlets often forked, sometimes anastomosing. Sori on surface of lamina or slightly sunken in broad shallow depressions, circular to broadly elliptic in outline, in two rows per pinna, one situated on each side of pinna mid-vein


Worldwide: c. 60 species, tropical montane areas of New world and Africa including Madagascar.



We have 2 taxa in the database for Ceradenia.

  • Ceradenia jungermannioides (Klotzsch) L.E.Bishop
  • Ceradenia sechellarum (Baker) Parris