Blotiella R.M. Tryon

Photo: P. Ballings


Description of the genus

Rhizome creeping or erect, often massive. Fronds tufted, closely spaced; pinnate (in young fronds), but 2-pinnatifid to 3-pinnate in more mature fronds, pubescent to hirsute, at least on the under surface; veins anastomosing freely. Sori discrete, not continuous, confined to lobe sinuses, marginal with membranous indusia.


Derivation of name:  Blotiella: named after Madame M.L. Tardieu-Blot(1902-1998), a pteridologistof the Natural History Museum in Paris

Comment: To be able to distinguish the 2 species with absolute certainty, one needs to examen the rhizome!
Although only 2 species are known from our area, resent research in east Africa has led to the description of additional species. As far as we know such research has not yet been done in our area. It is therefore possible that additional species could occur in our region. (Pers. comm. C. Jongkind, 04-2012)

Worldwide: c. 12 species from tropical America, Africa to the Mascarenes



We have 13 taxa in the database for Blotiella.

  • Blotiella bouxiniana Pic. Serm.
  • Blotiella confusa Jongkind & W. de Winter
  • Blotiella coriacea Verdc.
  • Blotiella crenata (Alston) Schelpe
  • Blotiella currorii (Hook.) R.M. Tryon
  • Blotiella glabra (Bory) R.M. Tryon
  • Blotiella hieronymii (K├╝mmerle) Pic.Serm.
  • Blotiella natalensis (Hook.) R.M. Tryon
  • Blotiella reducta (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon
  • Blotiella sinuata (Alston) Pic.Serm.
  • Blotiella stipitata (Alston) Faden
  • Blotiella tisserantii (Alston & Tardieu) Pic.Serm.
  • Blotiella trichosora Pic. serm.


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