Coniogramme Fée


Description of the genus

Rhizome creeping, rhizome scales brown. Fronds spaced. Stipe grooved. Lamina pinnate to 3-pinnate. Pinnae large, margin entire to minutely toothed, glabrous; veins mostly free but if anastomosing, without included veinlets. Sori linear along the veins, exindusiate. Spores monolete or trilete.


Derivation of name:  coniogramme: from kōnion: cone and grammē: line

Comment: Some authors include this genus in the family of the Cryptogrammaceae.

Worldwide: Mainly Asiatic, except for one species in Africa and one in Mexico.



We have 1 taxa in the database for Coniogramme.

  • Coniogramme africana Hieron.


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