Drynaria (Bory) J.Sm.


Description of the genus

Large epiphytes with thick fleshy creeping rhizomes. Fronds dimorphic; sterile humus-collecting erect fronds sessile, persistent, oblong, shallowly lobed, soon becoming brown and accumulating plant detritus; fertile fronds horizontal or pendulous, deeply pinnatifid with adnate articulated pinna-like segments; venation obvious, finely reticulate with included veinlets. Sori round, superficial, without paraphyses.


Worldwide: A tropical genus of 16 species, occurring mainly in Asia and Australasia



We have 2 taxa in the database for Drynaria.

  • Drynaria laurentii (H.Christ ex De Wild. & T.Durand) Hieron.
  • Drynaria volkensii Hieron.


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