Lonchitis L.


Description of the genus

Rhizome creeping, subterranean with flattened short brown hairs. Stipe with 2 C- shaped bundles uniting to form 1 bundle or sometimes additional bundles present. Fronds closely spaced, pinnatifid to 3-pinnatifid, veins freely or rarely anastomosing to form a few large areoles along the costa with no included veins. Sori marginal, elongate, straight or curved, short, in or around the sinuses of the frond segments; indusium membranous, formed from the reflexed margin of the lamina, opening inwards.


Comment: Other species frequently referred to this genus are now placed in Blotiella.

Worldwide: A genus of 2 species, L. hirsuta occuring in tropical America and L. occidentalis in Africa.



We have 1 taxa in the database for Lonchitis.

  • Lonchitis occidentalis Baker


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