Didymoglossum Desv.

Photo: JE. Burrows


Description of the genus

Rhizome widely creeping, covered with dark hairs, roots absent, root-like shoots present. Fronds simple, sometimes lobed to pinnatifid, venetion catadromous. Sori often immersed in the laminae, tubular to campanulate, involucre bilibiate or truncate to dilate, receptacles exserted


Derivation of name:  Didymus: double, glossum: tong; some species have a bilabiate soral aperture

Comment: This genus was included in the widely circumscribed genus Trichomanes.

Worldwide: C. 30 species, pantropical distribution



We have 7 taxa in the database for Didymoglossum.

  • Didymoglossum ballardianum (Alston) J.P.Roux
  • Didymoglossum benlii (Pic.Serm.) J.P.Roux
  • Didymoglossum chamaedrys (Taton) J.P.Roux
  • Didymoglossum erosum (Willd.) J.P. Roux
  • Didymoglossum lenormandii (Bosch) Ebihara & Dubuisson
  • Didymoglossum liberiense (Copel.) Copel.
  • Didymoglossum reptans (Sw.) C.Presl.


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