Description of the family

Large terrestrial, perennial ferns. Rhizome erect, large, roots fleshy covered in fleshy persistent outgrows. Stipe with persistent fleshy stipules and a basal swelling (pulvinus). Fronds large, numerous, tufted, 2-pinnate, basiscopically developed; secondary rhachis with a basal pulvinus; veins simple or forked, free. Indumentum composed of simple uniseriate or branched hairs, and short-stalked, slender scales occurring along the axes. Sporangia large, clustered in double rows near vein endings on underside of frond, free or fused into elongate bivalved group of synangia; without an indusium, homosporous.

Comment: The genus Marattia was recently split into three distinct genera: Marattia, Eupodium and Ptisana.

Worldwide: Tropical and warm areas; 6 genera and c. 150 species.



  • Ptisana Murdock


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